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2023 ES Winter Fine Arts Festival

2023 ES Winter Fine Arts Festival
Andrew Shim

Students, parents, and faculty came together in the Jetnasium at the Elementary Winter Fine Arts Festival to commemorate the end of 2023 on Dec 13. K-5 artists and musicians showcased their hard-earned skills with a concert and an exhibition. Mr. Park and Mrs. Gum organized and guided the audience through the entire show. Chanjun Park from 8th grade and Chris Ryu from 10th grade each provided extra support in the music department by playing the drums and guitar/bass. 

Each grade delivered festive performances with winter tunes such as “Hot Chocolate,” “Holiday Jazz,” and “Jingle Bells.” The chipper harmonies of the choir complemented the diverse instrumentation and filled the gym with delightful tones. Artists displayed collages and paintings near the back entrance which the audience viewed before the concert and during intermission. 

The semester of preparation from the performers, artists, and staff played a pivotal role in bringing the spotlight to this end of the year event. The DIS community came together to observe the adept understanding that elementary school students exhibited. With the beginning of 2024, students aspire to improve further for their next performance at the Spring Fine Arts Festival.

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