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Greetings from Residential Director

Daegu International School is dedicated to providing a quality living experience by striving to help its students become lifelong learners inside and outside the classroom. We recognize and actively encourage the positive traditional values, which are the foundations for healthy communities and relationships. We promote tolerance and respect for individuals, cultural heritage, and differences in all people. The residential staff promotes a safe, healthy and respectful community in which DIS students can live, learn, and grow.

Learning to live with others is the foundation of DIS’s residential life program. Here our students learn to mature intellectually, emotionally, and physically, and also live well with others in order to prepare them for the greater liberty of college life. Residential life together with DIS school life emphasizes our overall belief that we should all respect ourselves, respect others, and respect our world.


The DIS facility is equipped to hold 120 students. The building is comprised of five floors. Four of the floors contain fifteen residential rooms, a staff room, study room, and a laundry area. The first floor has a large lobby for watching television, a game room, kitchen, and a fitness center. The study room has computers and work stations. Each room is built for two students that share one private bathroom. Each room has air conditioning, radiant heat, and wireless internet. The rooms have two single beds with drawers, two study desks with chairs, and two closets for clothes. The residential area is guarded by a security service twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

Duties of the Residential Director

As the residential director I will provide an environment where students are participating in the content of the DIS curriculum in a setting conducive to learning. Cooperation and involvement in the routines of the day are vital to the success of residential life on the DIS campus. I will establish and implement a daily routine and procedure with the input of staff and students living in the dorm. By including residents in the maintenance of a safe and structured routine they become more accountable and self-directed. Cooperation is a contributing factor to open communication, trust, and positive social interactions.
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