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What kind of extracurricular activities do you offer?

Extra-curricular activities include a variety of clubs and activities. The list of clubs and activities will change from quarter to quarter depending on student interest and instructor availability. Below is a small sampling of some of our extracurricular activities:

· Soccer
  · Cross-country
  · Coding Club
  · Cheerleading
  · Ice Skating
  · Science Club
  · Southern Korean Athletic Conference(SKAC)
  · Choir
  · Robotics
  · Rock Band
  · Cooking Club
  · Math Competition Club
  · School Newspaper
  •  · Girl Scouts
  •   · Student Council
  •   · Model United Nations
  • · Yearbook
  •   · National Honor Society (NHS & NJHS)
  •    · Red Cross Youth (RCY)
Do you provide dormitory service?

We provide a boarding program for up to 120 students. We can accommodate students from grade 5 or higher. Please contact the Admissions office for additional information about our student dorm life.

Do you provide school bus service?

We provide school buses serving residential areas throughout the city. Although we do our best to serve all students, we will process bus request forms on a first-come-first-serve basis. Please contact the main office or refer to ‘Bus Schedules’ under ‘Student Life’ and ‘School Bus Service’ on our website (www.dis.sc.kr) for pick-up and drop-off times throughout Daegu.

Do you have cafeteria service?

All students are served lunch in the cafeteria or they may bring their lunch from home. Menus are available on the school website under ‘Student Life’ and 'Cafeteria.' 

Do you require uniforms?

DIS has uniforms. We offer several choices for uniforms and places to purchase them. Uniform information is available through our Admissions Department. 

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