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What is the acceptance rate for the 2023-2024 school year?

Yearly enrollment data regarding students can be found yearly on International School Information website (https://www.isi.go.kr/en/index.do).

What are your requirements for application?

DIS is open to students of all nationalities and the applicants are categorized into two groups; international students, and Korean students. Korean students do not need to have a record of a three year overseas residency, as is required for many other international schools in Korea. The admissions committee will evaluate each student’s English proficiency, thinking skills, and past educational history as well as the applicant’s social skills, character, and adaptability. The application process includes an interview, an entrance exam, a review of records, and recommendations from previous teachers.

What are your criteria for admission?

The process for applying for admission at DIS starts with completing an application form and turning in the required documents. As spots open at DIS, qualified applicants are asked to meet for an interview and to take an entrance exam. Acceptance is based on the applicant’s previous educational experiences and the results of the admissions process in comparison to other students who are interviewed. DIS is allowed to have 30% with an additional 10% Korean nationals with restrictions from Daegu Department of Education (DDOE), so the admission process can be competitive. DIS is actively recruiting additional international students to promote a more global community.

If my child is accepted, how is grade level determined?

Students who meet our admissions criteria are placed in a grade level after due consideration of their previous grade level, previous school system, achievement level, and maturity. The school will determine the appropriate grade placement for students. Students who have not completed a full year of a given grade by the start of the school year will be enrolled in the same grade level. For High School students, we will also take into consideration the number of high school credits earned towards graduation.

What is the enrollment rate for international students and Korean students?
  • According to current Korean laws and regulations that affect international schools in Korea, Korean students will make up no more than 30% with an additional 10% Korean national with restrictions from Daegu Department of Education (DDOE) of DIS’ total capacity.    
What is your admissions schedule?

Please see the schedule below 'Application Process' tab. International students are accepted on a rolling admissions basis.

How long does the application process take?

Once all of the required application and supporting documents are received, the candidate can be considered for admission if space is available at the appropriate grade level and the application is approved. If a grade level is at capacity, we will maintain a waiting list.

What are the tuition and fees?
Please see the information below 'Tuition & Fees' tab under 'Admissions'.
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