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Do you offer an ESL (English as a Second Language) program?

Yes. ESL is offered at all grade levels. Students’ English proficiency levels are assessed through our admission test, through the ESL department, and through their classwork. No additional fees are charged for ESL program.

Do you offer foreign languages?

World languages (Chinese and Spanish) are offered as part of our enrichment program (grades 3-6). Starting in grade 7, students choose either language as one of their subjects.

What diploma will students receive upon graduation?

Provided students meet the proper criteria, they will receive dual diplomas; one from Lee Academy and another from Daegu International School, the first accredited international school in Korea.

Is it possible to achieve the acknowledgement of Korean education while studying at DIS?

Yes. Anyone who wishes acknowledgement of Korean education may take 34 weeks (136 hours) of the following courses per year (Currently, the Korean government only allows Korean citizens the opportunity to receive this diploma. However, all DIS students are welcome to take part in the classes).
• Elementary school students: Korean Language & Social Studies
• Middle school & High school students: Korean Language & Korean History

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