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What do the column headers Q1, E1 and S1 mean (or Q2, E2, S2)?

The letters represent the grade term such as “Q” means quarter grade, “S” means semester etc. The numbers represent which grade term such as “Q1” means quarter one grade. Depending on the length of class, the grade may be a final grade for the class. For example: if the class only lasts for one quarter, the grade in that quarter would be stored as a final grade and no other grades would be recorded. All grades are stored whether they are final grades or grades representing progress toward the final grade for the class.

Here are our district grade setups
Q1 = Quarter 1
Q2 = Quarter 2
E1= First Semester Exam
S1 = Semester 1
Q3 = Quarter 3
Q4 = Quarter 4
E2 = Second Semester Exam
S2= Semester 2
E3 = Year Long Exam
Y1 = Year Long Final

What does the assignment "due date" mean?

The way in which teachers enter scores and due dates of an assignment varies and is somewhat based on individual preference. As shown in PowerSchool, due dates could mean any of the following:
1. The date the assignment was given
2. The date the assignment was recorded in the grade book

Why does my child have a 0(zero) in a class, but PowerSchool does not show a letter grade?

There is a chance that the class may not have met yet or simply a matter of timing between your access and the teacher's update. The other option is that the teacher has opened the grade book and entered an assignment, but has yet to record any scores for that assignment.

What is the proper procedure to follow if I have questions regarding my child's grades in a class?

It is best that you contact your child's teacher directly, either by email or telephone. This will result in the quickest resolution to your question.

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