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How do parents and students access the Parent/Student Portal?

Parents/guardians and students will access the Parent/Student Portal by opening a web browser and using the following web address: (http://powerschool2.leeacademy.org/public) or by selecting the orange icon(PowerSchool) on the top right corner of the DIS website.

Can other people see my son’s/daughter’s grades?

As long as you protect your password, others will not be able to see your child’s information. Each child/parent is issued a unique identification log in and password

I type the PowerSchool address on my Internet screen, and the site won’t open. What’s wrong?

There are can be several reasons for the site to be inaccessible. Common reasons include the following:
• The PowerSchool server can be taken offline for maintenance and upgrades.
• The address can be incorrectly entered into the address (URL) field.
   Note: PowerSchool’s URL is http://powerschool2.leeacademy.org/public and does not begin with www.

I'm having trouble logging on. Do you have some suggestions?

• The most frequent problem parents have is the system not accepting the username/password combination.
   PowerSchool passwords are a combination of letters & numbers. Please enter your password exactly as provided.
   Sometimes a capital "I" looks like a one "1", a capital "B" looks like an eight "8", a capital "O" looks like a zero "0", etc.
• Compatible web browsers include: Internet Explorer 8, Firefox, Safari and Chrome
• Try logging on from another computer. Computer settings may be different from one computer to another
• Powerschool uses “cookies” and this means your internet security is set too high, probably to the highest level of security,
  which blocks cookies. Depending on your browsers, you will need to find the Internet Security area and turn it down a level or
  two so cookies are accepted. You can find out more information about this by going to your web browser’s help menu and
  doing search on “cookies” or “Internet security.”

I receive the "Login page expired (or cached). Please re-login" message. What do I do?

You may receive this error after your first attempt to log in. Click the refresh button(F5) in your browser and try again.

When I enter my username and password, PowerSchool sometimes sends me right back to enter them again

• When the login screen appears the second time, bookmark the page as a favorite. From then on, click that bookmarked link to
  bypass the initial login screen that doesn’t work—OR—
• Enter your username and password again and press Enter, quickly! If that doesn’t work, wait for an hour or so and try again.
  Contact the school if the problem persists.

Why does it bring up the logon screen every so often when I'm in PowerSchool?

PowerSchool requires parents to re-logon after 10 minutes of inactivity. Simply logging back on returns parents to the active screen they were on.

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