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Do usernames and passwords change each year?

Parent usernames and passwords do not change each year. For security purposes, students can be issued new passwords at the beginning of each school year. Student usernames, however, are not usually changed

Will each parent have a separate username and password to the Parent/Student Portal?

No. The PowerSchool program allows only one parent account to be created per child. Therefore, parents/guardians must use the same username and password that was given by the Registrar.

Will I have a different logon for each of my children?

No. You will have only one parent account for all of your children.

What do I do if I forget my PowerSchool password?

If you forget your password or username you will need to see the Registrar at the school you or your child attends to retrieve it or have it reset.

May I change my PowerSchool password?

No, the system randomly generates the passwords and these are not user changeable. If your password becomes compromised you will need to see Registrar at the school you or your child attends to have it reset.

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