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“The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. Intelligence plus character – that is the goal of true education.” These words, spoken by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., embody the beliefs shared by the faculty and community at DIS about the purposes of education. The faculty at DIS is committed to furthering these beliefs about education in our students.

Our faculty knows that lessons are often learned with not just the mind, but with the body and the heart, as well. Experiencing ideas, through interactive and hands-on activities, makes learning real. Our faculty works to challenge students to achieve beyond their expectations, and to become creative, analytical, independent thinkers.

Scott Jolly (scjolly@dis.sc.kr) - Head of School

Scott Jolly

Educational Background

  • University of San Francisco, Masters in Educational Leadership
  • Washington State Principal Certification
  • Vancouver Island University, Bachelor of Education
  • Vancouver Island University, Bachelor of Arts in History and Geography
  • Vancouver Island University, Physical Education Diploma

Courtney Cameron (ccameron@dis.sc.kr) - Secondary Principal

Courtney Cameron

Educational Background

  • Georgetown University, Bachelor of Arts
  • Syracuse University, Master of Public Administration
  • Washington State Principal Certification
  • Washington State K-12 Teacher Certification

Stephen Vis (svis@dis.sc.kr) - Elementary Principal

Stephen Vis

Educational Background

  • Framingham State University, Master of Education in International Teaching
  • Calvin College, Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education
  • Principals’ Training Center, Certificate in International School Leadership
  • Michigan Department of Education, Professional Teaching Certificate

Doo Won Kim (dwkim@dis.sc.kr) - Director of External Affairs and Korean Studies

Doo Won Kim

Educational Background

  • Yeungnam University, MBA
  • Keimyung University, B.S. in Business Administration

Deanna Suozzo (dsuozzo@dis.sc.kr ) - Early Childhood Classroom

Deanna Suozzo

Educational Background

  • Susquehanna University, B.A in Elementary Education (PreK-4)

Andrea Downie (adownie@dis.sc.kr) - Grade 1 Classroom

Andrea Downie

Educational Background

  • Troy University, Bachelors in Broadcast Journalism/ Media Performance
  • Troy University, Masters in Criminal Justice
  • Grand Canyon University, Masters in Elementary Education

Michelle White (mwhite@dis.sc.kr) - Grade 1 Classroom & Residential Director

Michelle White

Educational Background

  • State of Texas Educator Certificate: EC-6 Core Subjects, EC-12 ESL, and 7-12 Social Studies
  • Texas State University, Masters in Elementary Education
  • University of Texas at Austin, Bachelor of Arts in History and Geography

Molly Kaschub (mkaschub@dis.sc.kr ) - Grade 2 Classroom

Molly Kaschub

Educational Background

  • Master's of Reading from the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse
  • Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education, University of Wisconsin-La Crosse
  • Bachelor of Science in Spanish, University of Wisconsin-La Crosse

May You (myou@dis.sc.kr) - Grade 2 Long-Term Substitute Teacher

May You

Educational Background

  • California State University, Fullerton, M.S. in Elementary Curriculum and Instruction
  • University of California, Santa Barbara, B.A. in Music and Minor in Education
  • California State Multiple Subject Teaching Credential K-8
  • California State English Learner Authorization

Sarah Prestia (sprestia@dis.sc.kr ) - Grade 2 Classroom

Sarah Prestia

Educational Background

  • M.Ed. in International Education, Endicott College
  • BS in Elementary Education (Summa Cum Laude), University of Maine Farmington

Michael Bartolay (mbartolay@dis.sc.kr ) - Grade 3 Classroom

Michael Bartolay

Educational Background

  • American College of Education, M.Ed. in Educational Technology
  • University of South Carolina-Aiken, Gifted and Talented Education Endorsement
  • University of the Philippines, Bachelor in Elementary Education

Amanda Ringrose (aringrose@dis.sc.kr) - Grade 3 Classroom

Amanda Ringrose

Educational Background

  • Griffith University, MA Primary Teaching
  • Laurentian University, BA Psychology

Sarah Bielec (sbielec@dis.sc.kr) - Grade 4 Classroom & Activities Director

Sarah Bielec

Educational Background

  • University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, M.A. International Education Administration and Leadership
  • University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, B.A. Elementary Education
  • Minor in East Asian Languages and Cultures: Concentration in Korean Language

Sansung Je (sje@dis.sc.kr) - Grade 4 Classroom

Sansung Je

Educational Background

  • Moreland University, M.Ed. in Teaching Multilingual Learners
  • Seoul Women’s University, B.A. in English Language and Literature
  • District of Columbia, Teaching Certification Elementary Grade 1-6 Level

Nicole Morissette (nmorissette@dis.sc.kr) - Grade 5 Classroom

Nicole Morissette

Educational Background

  • M.Ed in International Education, Endicott College
  • BS in Elementary Education with a concentration in mathematics (cum laude), University of Maine Farmington
  • Bethel University, International Baccalaureate Certificate in Teaching and Learning
  • Harvard University, Certificate in School Management and Leadership

Katie Vis (kvis@dis.sc.kr) - Grade 5 Classroom

Katie Vis

Educational Background

  • Georgia State University, Masters in Teaching, Middle Grades Language Arts and Social Studies
  • Georgia State University, Bachelors in Journalism

Antonette Gum (agum@dis.sc.kr) - Art

Antonette Gum

Educational Background

  • M.Ed in Curriculum and Instruction in Primary Education, University of West Florida
  • BA in Art History, University of South Florida
  • Florida State Art & ESL K-12 Professional Educator Certificate

Keline Medina (kmedina@dis.sc.kr) - Spanish

Keline Medina

Educational Background

  • Teaching Spanish as a foreign language
  • University of Carabobo, Bachelor of Education Major English

Joshua Park (jpark@dis.sc.kr) - Elementary Music

Joshua Park

Educational Background

  • Central Washington University, Masters of Music Education and Conducting
  • University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign of Music, B.M. in Music Education
  • Applied Focus on Piano and Instrumental Music Education
  • Illinois State Teaching Certification Music K-12

Richard Pierog (rpierog@dis.sc.kr) - Technology

Richard Pierog

Educational Background

  • University of Western Ontario, : BA in Psychology
  • Wilfrid Laurier University, Accounting Program
  • Brock University, Bachelor of Education, Primary-Junior
  • University of British Columbia, Masters in Educational Technology

Adam Purdy (apurdy@dis.sc.kr) - Physical Education

Adam Purdy

Educational Background

  • University College London, M.Ed. Applied Educational Leadership and Management
  • University of Ulster, B.Sc. Honours Degree in Geography with Education

Julia Zhu (jzhu@dis.sc.kr) - Chinese

Julia Zhu

Educational Background

  • Framingham State University, M. Ed. in International Teaching
  • Huaqiao University, B.A. in Teaching of Chinese as a Foreign Language
  • National Teaching Certificate and Diploma in Middle school and Elementary school Chinese Teaching

George Balint (gbalint@dis.sc.kr) - Science

George Balint

Educational Background

  • State University of New York at Plattsburgh, School Building Leader Certificate of Advanced Study
  • Relay Graduate School of Education, Masters in Chemistry Education
  • University at Buffalo, Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy and Sociology

Derek Bergan (dbergan@dis.sc.kr) - Social Studies & Athletic Director

Derek Bergan

Educational Background

  • Loras College, Bachelors in Secondary Education and History

Bruce Cameron (bcameron@dis.sc.kr) - Science

Bruce Cameron

Educational Background

  • University of Washington, Masters in Teaching
  • University of Washington, B.S. in Oceanography

Christopher Coleman (ccoleman@dis.sc.kr) - Math

Christopher Coleman

Educational Background

  • BS in Secondary Education, University of Maine at Farmington

Kenneth Faille (kfaille@dis.sc.kr) - Physical Education

Kenneth Faille

Educational Background

  • Bachelor's in Physical Education, Universidad Andrés Bello, Santiago, Chile

Steven Gall (sgall@dis.sc.kr) - Math & Computer Science

Steven Gall

Educational Background

  • University of Glasgow, Master of Science in Mathematics and Physics
  • Institute of Education, University of London, PGCE Secondary Mathematics

Marlow Gum (mgum@dis.sc.kr) - Art

Marlow Gum

Educational Background

  • M.Ed in Curriculum and Instruction in Secondary Education, University of West Florida
  • BFA in Studio Art, University of South Florida
  • Florida State Art K-12 Professional Educator Certificate

Philip Hinkle (phinkle@dis.sc.kr) - English

Philip Hinkle

Educational Background

  • Mississippi State University, MA in English
  • Ohio University, BA in English

Conrad Hutchings (chutchings@dis.sc.kr) - Instrumental Music & Orchestra

Conrad Hutchings

Educational Background

  • Sam Houston State University, Masters of Music in Wind Conducting
  • University of Southern Maine School of Music, BM in Music Education
  • Applied Focus on Classical Trombone, Voice and Instrumental Conducting
  • University of Southern Maine, Teaching Certification Music K-12

Sarah Jolly (srjolly@dis.sc.kr) - Academic Counselor

Sarah Jolly

Educational Background

  • University of California San Diego - Specialized Certificate in College Counseling
  • Walden University, M.Ed. in Elementary Reading and Literacy
  • Vancouver Island University, Bachelor of Education
  • Vancouver Island University, Bachelor of Arts in English and history

Nicholas Kaschub (nkaschub@dis.sc.kr) - Social Studies

Nicholas Kaschub

Educational Background

  • Bachelor of Science in Broadfield Social Studies Education, University of Wisconsin-La Crosse.

Jinsol Kim (jkim@dis.sc.kr) - ELL

Jinsol Kim

Educational Background

  • M.A. in Teaching English as a Second Language, Boston University
  • B.A. in Christian Education, Presbyterian University and Theological Seminary
  • Massachusetts State Teaching Certification PreK-12 English as a second language

Jefferson Lipsky (jlipsky@dis.sc.kr) - Social Studies

Jefferson Lipsky

Educational Background

  • DePaul University-M.Ed. in Secondary Education, concentration in History, Social Sciences, & Psychology, with a Middle School Endorsement
  • Southern Illinois University-B.S. in Integrated Marketing Communications (Mass Media), minor in Psychology

Ana Lopez (alopez@dis.sc.kr) - Spanish

Ana Lopez

Educational Background

  • Universidad Internacional de La Rioja, Masters in Spanish as a Foreign Language
  • Univesidad Central de Venezuela, Bachelor of Arts in Modern Languages (Spanish, Italian, English)
  • Universitá Italiana per Stranieri, Certification for Teaching Italian Language and Culture

Brittany Loutsch (bloutsch@dis.sc.kr) - English

Brittany Loutsch

Educational Background

  • University of Wisconsin-Madison, M.S. in Educational Psychology
  • University of Wisconsin-Madison, Instructional Coaching Certificate
  • University of Iowa, B.A. in English
  • King's College London, Postgraduate Certificate in Psychology and Neuroscience of Mental Health

Annette Lualhati (alualhati@dis.sc.kr) - Science

Annette Lualhati

Educational Background

  • Master in Science Teaching at De La Salle University, Philippines
  • B.S. Secondary Education at University of Batangas, Philippines

Hannah Nagy (hnagy@dis.sc.kr) - English

Hannah Nagy

Educational Background

  • Minnesota State University, Masters in English Literature and English Studies
  • The University of South Dakota, Vermillion, Bachelor of Science in Education

Katie Shin (kshin@dis.sc.kr) - Substitute Teacher

Katie Shin

Educational Background

  • Texas A&M University, Masters in Curriculum and Instruction emphasis on literacy and reading
  • Texas A&M University, Bachelor of Science in Generalist Education

Corrine Spaeth (cspaeth@dis.sc.kr) - Social Emotional Learning Counselor

Corrine Spaeth

Educational Background

  • University of Wisconsin-River Falls, Masters in School Counseling
  • University of Minnesota, Bachelor of Arts in Communication

Jabeen Wang (jwang@dis.sc.kr) - Math

Jabeen Wang

Educational Background

  • State of New Jersey Math K-12 Teaching Certificate
  • Pusan National University, B.S. in Mathematics Education
  • Bloomfield College, Math and Science Teacher Training (MAST) Program

Catherine White (cwhite@dis.sc.kr) - Learning Strategist

Catherine White

Educational Background

  • Central Michigan University, Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership
  • Northern Michigan University, Education Specialist in Administration and Supervision
  • Northern Michigan University, Master of Arts in Education: Learning Disabilities
  • Lake Superior State University, Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education: Mathematics and Biology
  • Michigan Department of Education, Professional Teaching Certificate: Elementary K-8 and Learning Disabilities K-12
  • Michigan Department of Education, School Administrator Certificate: Central Office

Tony Zhao (tzhao@dis.sc.kr) - Chinese

Tony Zhao

Educational Background

  • National Teaching Certificate and Diploma in High School Chinese Teaching
  • B.A. Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language, Sichuan International Studies University
  • Confucius Institute Headquarters (Hanban) Certificate for Teachers of Chinese to Speakers of Other Language
Jack Jinho Bae
Jack Jinho Bae (jinho39@dis.sc.kr) - Facility & Faculty Housing
Hyunji Choi
Hyunji Choi (hyunji@dis.sc.kr) - Accountant
Doyle Doyeop Choo
Doyle Doyeop Choo (doyle@dis.sc.kr) - Business Manager
Sumin Hong
Sumin Hong (suminhong@dis.sc.kr) - Faculty/Event Services
Katie EunJeong Kim
Katie EunJeong Kim (katiekim@dis.sc.kr) - Marketing & PowerSchool
Becky JiYe Kim
Becky JiYe Kim (bkim930@dis.sc.kr) - Nurse
Leah Sumin Kim
Leah Sumin Kim (leahkim@dis.sc.kr) - Admissions & Registrar
Woorim Lee
Woorim Lee (woorimlee@dis.sc.kr) - Student Services
Woo Seok Lee
Woo Seok Lee (nikkor@dis.sc.kr) - IT
Jimin Park
Jimin Park (jiminpark@dis.sc.kr) - Office Manager
Cindy Jihyun Shin
Cindy Jihyun Shin (cshin@dis.sc.kr) - Librarian

Kevin Ritchie - Chairperson

Kevin Ritchie

Educational Background

  • University of Maine, Masters in Educational Leadership
  • University of Maine, Bachelor of Science in Sociology, Minor in English

More about Kevin Ritchie

Kevin Ritchie lives with his wife, Kendra, and five cats and a dog, on a hilltop in the forests of Lee, Maine. He began his career in education in 1980 and he has been a counselor, tutor, classroom teacher, coach, advisor, Assistant Head of School, Academic Dean and grant administrator during the past 41 years. He worked at a federal Job Corps Center, for 35 years at Lee Academy, and with the Passamaquoddy and Penobscot Native American Tribes with their schools in eastern Maine. In the early 2000s, he led the faculty of the Moores Campus in developing the curriculum documents and classroom tools and assessment methods that provided the basis for teaching and learning at the Shanghai, Moores and Daegu schools of Lee Academy. He enjoys the woods of Maine for snowshoeing on its fields and trails, swimming in its lakes, and building camps in its forests.

Colleen Grover - Director

Colleen Grover

Educational Background

  • Bachelor of Science in Education, University of Maine;
  • Master of Education in Counseling University of Maine; Certificate of Advanced Studies in Educational Leadership, Unversity of Maine; Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor (LCPC)

More about Colleen Grover

Colleen Grover has accumulated over four decades of experience in education as a classroom teacher, college counselor, and administrator. Traveling to more than 35 countries, she has been instrumental in building international programs in secondary schools and comprehensive internationalization programs in higher education, helping students and families to negotiate the challenging maze of educational access in the United States. Colleen has served as a consultant in creating critical incident response teams in schools, as well as a mentor and advisor for schools interested in ethical problem solving models, civil rights, and restorative justice. She has presented internationally on topics of educational ethics and diversity. Now retired, Colleen enjoys time at her farm in central Maine, taking advantage of as many outdoor recreational activities as possible, and continuing her involvement in issues of social justice and equity.

Jongseop Jun - Director

Jongseop Jun

Educational Background

  • Graduate School of Korea National University of Education, Masters in Policy and Administration
  • Kyungpook National University, Bachelor of Public Administration

Sunkook Kwon - Auditor

Sunkook Kwon

Educational Background

  • University of Oklahoma, Ph.D. in Accounting
  • University of Colorado-Boulder, MBA
  • Yonsei University, Bachelor of Business Administration

More about Sunkook Kwon

Sunkook Kwon is Professor of Accounting at the School of Business, Kyungpook National University in Daegu, Korea. He was Professor of Accounting at Mississippi State University, USA and Visiting Professor at the University of Auckland, New Zealand. At Kyungpook National University, he worked as Dean for International Affairs, Dean for Research & University-Industry Cooperation, Dean for College of Economics and Business Administration, and Dean for Academic Affairs. As a certified public accountant in both Korea and USA, he also worked for Tongyoung Accounting Corporation and Ahnkwon Accounting Corporation.

Ki-Seok Lee - Director

Ki-Seok Lee

Educational Background

  • Seoul National University, Ph.D. in International Development

More about Ki-Seok Lee

Currently working for Daegu Metropolitan City as Director of International Affairs and Trade. Have worked in universities, research institutions, government agencies including some years in non-governmental organizations in the field of international development and education.

Youngju Park - Director

Youngju Park

Educational Background

  • Keimyung University, Masters of Music in Piano
  • Keimyung University, Bachelor of Music in Piano

Jennifer Lee - Director

Jennifer Lee

Educational Background

  • B.A. from Wellesley College
  • Master's degree in Education from Harvard University.

More about Jennifer Lee

Jennifer Lee (Jen) is currently the Deputy Director of University Counseling at Chinese International School. With twenty-one years of professional experience in university admissions and college counseling, she has worked in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Korea, and the United States. Jen brings a wealth of knowledge acquired from her previous positions as the Director of College Counseling at the Buckley School in Los Angeles, the Head of Counseling at the Shanghai American School (Puxi Campus), and her work as an Admission Officer at Scripps College, as well as an outside Admission Reader for UCLA.

Jen was honored as the inaugural recipient of the International Association for College Admission Counseling's 'Rising Star Award.' Her passion for universities is evident, and she integrates her expertise in social-emotional counseling into her practice. As a student advocate, Jen is enthusiastic about collaborating with families and helping them navigate the university admission process. She holds a B.A. from Wellesley College and a Master's degree in Education from Harvard University.

Shawn Moore - Director

Shawn Moore

Educational Background

  • B.A. and B.M. in Asian Studies and Music from Bard College
  • M.M. from Yale University

More about Shawn Moore

Shawn is an experienced higher education professional, having worked for Bard College in Asia in a variety of capacities over the past 8 years, including recruitment, alumni engagement, and local partnership development. Shawn has experience building institutions in China; he negotiated and set up a partnership to create Bard’s first Early College program outside of the US, in Shenzhen, and was part of the founding team for ChinaICAC, the leading China based association for college admissions. He currently serves on ChinaICAC’s executive and membership committees. In his spare time, Shawn is also a professional musician, and runs a music production company in Beijing that has worked with Tencent and Mihoyo, among others. He has recorded numerous albums, writes music, performs widely as a solo violinist and is a member of several Beijing based bands. He holds a B.A. and B.M. in Asian Studies and Music from Bard College, and a M.M. from Yale University, where he was also a recipient of the Light Fellowship for further study in Korea.
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