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Observe dynamic teachers, fun-loving, academically-driven students, and a campus full of proud DIS Jets.

Winter Fine Arts Festival

Empowering Diversity, Inspiring Unity

DIS Upper Library

Inspiring Excellence, Cultivating Global Citizens

Welcome to dis


We are honored to welcome you to Daegu International School (DIS) where our students, teachers, and staff are Determined, Intellectual, and Successful. Beginning in 2014 with our first graduating class, DIS graduates have gained acceptance into some of the best colleges and universities around the world. Our school is fully accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) and based on the American Independent School model. We provide our students a U.S. curriculum taught solely in English (Common Core and Advanced Placement).


Where little learners embark on big adventures. Learn more about our kindergarten program!

Elementary School

Charting the path to a bright future: our elementary academic program ignites curiosity and builds foundational skills.

Middle School

Our middle school program is designed to inspire curiosity and cultivate confidence in every student.

High School

Prepare for success and unlock your potential with our dynamic high school program.


Dive into our immersive media program where innovation meets expression.


Harmonizing education and creativity. Discover the rhythm of excellence in our dynamic music program!

Visual Arts

Explore creativity, express uniqueness, and paint the colors of your future.


Step onto the field of opportunity with our dynamic athletics program where teamwork and determination result in extraordinary opportunities for all DIS athletes.

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