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Text Message: 2nd Semester Tuition Payments

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  • 2011-11-15 11:04:15
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As was informed previously, a text message regarding the second semester tuition payments with the specific information about the new process was sent to parents today (November 15th).  If you have not received the message, please contact our Business Offfice (053-985-1212 -> Business Office) at your earliest convenience.



공지해드린 바와 같이 다음학기 수업료 납부와 관련하여 학부모님 휴대폰으로 금일 (11월 15일) 문자안내가 되었습니다. 문자안내를 받지 못한 학부모님께서는 재무팀으로 연락해주십시오 (053-985-1212 -> Business Office).

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